Enabled Archaeologists Directory

This website page is currently being updated. When complete it will contain a directory of Enabled Archaeologists and will include their cv’s and specialisms.

As an example of the type of information contained a brief synopsis of the group founder and driving force Theresa O’Mahony has been presented below

Theresa O’Mahony

Specialist Area: Theresa is a pioneer in the Enabled Archaeology discipline

Current Position: Theresa is the founder and director to be of The Enabled Archaeology Foundation

Brief Synopsis: Theresa has a comprehensive knowledge of the Enabled Archaeology discipline. She is an expert in the field, having carried extensive research into this understudied and largely ignored element of the archaeological profession. Theresa has also written many paper on the topic (bibliography below) including the widely recommended Enabled Archaeology British Archaeological Jobs Resource guidance. She runs the All Inclusive Archaeology Facebook page with lots of handy tips and information on how enabled archaeologists can get into Archaeology.


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