Perhaps the easiest way explain who we are and what we do is to share our Core Values and aspirations with you. Through these values we will help fight attitudes of fear, ignorance, suspicion, encountered by dis/Abled people who wish to participate in archaeology and in society as a whole

Enabling Empowerment:

We aim to empower those with dis/Abilities to participate fully in the archaeological areas of their choosing by:

  • Bringing archaeologists to an acknowledgement of and familiarity with dis/Abilities that will enable all to be treated equally

  • Advising all our ‘publics’ on how to enable dis/Ability inclusion in archaeology

  • Aiding all dis/Abled enabled participants to take part in any area of archaeology, through equipment, advice and imparting knowledge to aid inclusion

We also aim that as many (dis/Abled) enabled archaeologists are employed within the foundation as far as possible

Excellence and Integrity:

We are totally honest, ethical and transparent in all our work within our finances, innovations, inclusion methods and create a firm income for all to partake. Staff will be trained and cultivated to be the most excellent each of us can be


We have a clear commitment to involve the local, regional and national communities of the UK in archaeology whatever  individual or groups circumstances or dis/Abilities are. We respect and value every single person who volunteers with us


We will use our courses, written materials and leaflets to guide university archaeological departments in undergraduate and post graduate dis/Ability inclusion

We will use lectures, workshops, activities and events to educate all in full inclusion of every one with dis/Abilties