Welcome to the Enabled Archaeology Website


The Enabled Archaeology Foundation currently a community group but we are in the process of applying to be a Charity/Non-profit Organisation (Charitable Incorporated Organisation C.I.O) and will keep you posted as to progress!

Our aims are simple:

  1. To empower, equip and enable all people with or without dis/Abilities to take part in every area of archaeology they choose

  2. To combat people’s negative and/or prejudicial attitudes to dis/Abled and enabled involvement in contemporary archaeology

Our website ranges from people displaying their skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences with employability to recommendations of training courses and excavations. Archaeological employers, museums and more are highlighted for their best practice in equality, equity and inclusion of all.

Our research tab covers the different approaches which have and are being developed to equip and enable as many people with dis/Abilities as possible to take part in every area of archaeology that they may wish. Our ultimate aim is to enable all those with dis/Abilities to participate fully.

Once fully established our training courses will cover Dis/Ability Awareness in archaeology.

We are currently/have recently produced leaflets on the subject along with a series of ‘how to’ videos explaining exactly how to aid those with different dis/Abilities, whether at university, during fieldwork, in a paid work environment or elsewhere.

A diverse range of topics are covered including how a blind participant can learn to draw, plot and record at digs, managing mental health conditions, physical dis/Ability and much, much more.

Here on our brand new website you will also find dis/Abled voices raised for the first time ever in archaeology at our at our conference held in 2018 (see the film tab) and the lives and experiences of dis/Abled participants in archaeology can be found in our blog tab.

Our aims are to ensure our core values are fully followed so that the barriers to and stigmas towards dis/Abilities are broken so there will be no more negative comments or even illegal behaviours preventing our participation. We will enable many to see for the first time through an increased familiarity of dis/Abled participants how valuable, skilled, experienced and talented we all are in archaeology.